For those not in the know, a hiab is a crane that is mounted on a heavy truck chassis. Hiabs are great for loading and unloading freight, and super useful in the construction industry. A crane truck is a great alternative to having a crane on a work site, as they’re mobile and can be driven on public roads. We have a comprehensive and versatile fleet with the right gear for every requirement. We’ve moved everything from ovens to spa pools, from containers to concrete water tanks, trusses to trees, roofs to bore pumps, and just about everything in-between.

Our fleet includes:

  • Rear-mount five axle Hiab 82 TM with lifting capacity 22 tonne @ 3 metres and 33.5 metres horizontal reach
  • Front-mount semi unit with 14.5 metre semi trailer – perfect for long loads like roofing iron and power poles
  • Rear-mount 54 TM four-axle HIAB
  • Canadian-built heavy recovery tow unit with twin winches – can tow fully-loaded trucks
Hiab Trucks examples